Helping Businesses Across North Dakota

Even successful business owners can’t afford to let debts go unpaid. At Schweigert, Klemin & McBride, P.C., we have assisted businesses with difficult to collect cases in North Dakota and across the region.


Operating out of Bismarck, we represent businesses in need of large-scale collection assistance.


In particular, our attorneys assist with:

  • Demand letters
  • Enforcement of judgments
  • Creditors’ rights issues

As a litigation firm, we also handle complex litigation matters.

Experienced Representation In Collections Matters

Businesses usually turn to collections lawyers after exhausting their usual means. When past due notices and request for payment letters go unanswered, our attorneys can help by providing significant legal pressure on debtors.


Our experience in debt law has helped businesses across North and South Dakota, Minnesota as well as Montana, collect on significant sums of unpaid debt.


For debtors, even the threat of legal action is often enough to recover unpaid sums. However, when that isn’t enough, we have the experience and legal acumen to take the case to trial if necessary.


When aggressive litigation isn’t appropriate, we help negotiate reasonable plans of repayment and explore other methods to protect your interests and bottom line.


We’ll work with you to evaluate the unique terms of your case and execute swift actions aimed at efficiently collecting on your commercial debt.

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