Trucking Accidents

An Endless Train Of Trucks On Narrow, Rutted Highways

We have seen the damage caused by truck drivers who are inattentive, over worked and distracted. Rollovers, jackknife accidents, equipment failures and continuing to operate when the conditions don’t allow are not uncommon on busy North Dakota narrow highways. Because of the inherent dangers associated with big trucks on highways in many instances the rules of the road for a truck driver are different than the rules of the roads for the operator of a passenger car. Trucking companies have strict federal and state guidelines they must comply with, to help prevent these companies from over working their drivers or putting unsafe equipment on our highways. It is important when dealing with the insurers and claim’s handlers of these companies that you have representation that understands the laws that apply to the trucking industry. If you have been in a collision with a semi-tractor and trailer you need attorneys who are not afraid to stand toe to toe with these insurers and companies.


We make certain that the attorneys who handle trucking claims know the laws and regulations of the industry. They are sent regularly to seminars, symposiums and industry meetings to stay current on the ever changing laws. Our attorneys have access to experts in the field who can be called upon immediately to download data and ensure that the documentation recorded in many of the truck’s “black boxes” is saved. They know that requests have to be sent to the trucking companies to save important documentation, or it may mysteriously disappear after the time that the laws require it to be saved.

When a serious injury or death occurs on the oil fields or anywhere in our state, our attorneys are on the spot, saving evidence, interviewing witnesses and obtaining trucking company information.

Our lawyers know how urgent it is to your family that restitution be made. Whatever you face, we will face it with you. Our experienced personal injury attorneys will fight for you wherever you are in North Dakota, and also in South Dakota, eastern Montana and Minnesota. We will do our utmost to obtain the compensation that is your due.

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